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The Inability To Communicate Value Messages – Biggest Inhibitor To Sales Success 2014

At the MHI Research Institute, we have asked this question in each of the past three years: What are the biggest inhibitors to sales success? Our 2014 data delivers a consistent message: The “inability to communicate value messages” is again … Continue reading

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Give The Gift Of Data And Get Research In Return – The 2015 MHI Sales Best Practices Study

Sharing is the first step of collaboration, receiving is a natural follow-up. Collaboration leads to receiving more than the sum of the given pieces. Across industries, peer-to-peer networks, communities and the sharing economy are based on this collaborative principle – … Continue reading

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How I Work

This blog post was initially written for the Matt Heinz blog. The series “How I work” is a recurring feature on Matt’s blog. How did I become part of this fascinating series? It was Jonathan Farrington, CEO of Top Sales World … Continue reading

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What Sales Enablement Content Analytics Really Mean

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Albert Einstein Einstein’s observation holds true for sales enablement content-related analytics. Imagine the launch of a shiny, new enablement and collaboration platform. Many different roles … Continue reading

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Sales Force Enablement – See you in Atlanta, Sept 17

The term “Sales Enablement” is used for almost everything that has to do with content, messaging, training, collaboration and technology to improve sales productivity and drive sales effectiveness. The function is rarely a strategic discipline that translates selling challenges into … Continue reading

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More On Performance Accountability – The Sales Manager’s View

According to Business Dictionary, performance is defined as “the accomplishment of a given task measured against preset known standards of accuracy, completeness, cost, and speed.” It is a result to be measured. Accountability, on the other hand, is a virtue. … Continue reading

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Defining Sales Functions And Programs – How to Define Your Charter

Now, as we have defined vision mission and purpose, we have to be more specific. Based on your target audience (sales roles, sales manager roles, channel partners, etc.) motto, objectives, strategies and tactics, your specific services and your metrics have … Continue reading

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Defining Sales Functions And Programs – Why You Need Vision, Mission, Purpose First

Fitness, according to Oxford Dictionaries, is defined as “the quality or state of being fit.” That’s a general guideline, but what does it mean to you? It depends on your context. Are you a professional decathlete or a weekend trail … Continue reading

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Performance Accountability – A Behavior of World-Class Sales Performers

If a taxi driver delivers excellent services, then you are a lucky person. In case your taxi driver also helps you out with coins that were part of his tip just to make sure you can pick up a baggage … Continue reading

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Conscious Collaboration—A Behavior Of World Class Sales Performers

Look at a couple of your won deals and analyze the criteria that made the difference. There will be tangible criteria such as the vision of future success, the compelling business case, a specific solution whose value outweighed the perceived … Continue reading

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