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All Things Frontline Sales Managers: See you at the Sales Innovation Expo in London 13-14 May 2015!

Frontline sales managers have a greater impact on sales execution, sales productivity, and sales transformation than any other role. What makes their role so demanding and complex is the continuous challenge to balance between three often competing areas; customer, business, … Continue reading

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Manage Mechanics, Navigate Dynamics

Sailing the ocean requires mechanics and dynamics. What you learn as a sailor are various mechanics – what to do and how to do it on the ship. You have to become an experienced practitioner to be ready to sail … Continue reading

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Sharing, Participating, Contributing – The Knowledge Shareconomy

“The more we share, the more we have.” ̶  Leonard Nimoy This is not only true for our personal lives, but for professional selling as well. But changing to a sharing and learning organization is more challenging in sales than … Continue reading

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Why Being An Expert Requires Expertise To Make A Difference

“The top experts in the world are ardent students. The day you stop learning, you’re definitely not an expert.” –Brendon Burchard What is an expert in sales?  Often experts in sales are considered as people with in–depth knowledge about a … Continue reading

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Providing Perspectives – A Dynamic Customer-Core Engagement Principle

What does “perspective” mean? Is it just a breathtaking view you can enjoy standing on the top of the Eiffel Tower or on top of the Empire state building? In complex B2B sales, we have to deal with various customer … Continue reading

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Adaptive Competencies – Key Differentiator of World-Class Sales Performers

Did you watch the ski world cup in Vail, Colorado a few weeks ago? Try to put yourself in a world-class skier’s shoes and imagine being on the racing track and performing the downhill race. Knowing the racing track is … Continue reading

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What Excellence And Buying Have In Common

Remember the last time you have written a blog post or an article. How did that go? I start with an idea and a mind map. Then I capture all my ideas as they flow, followed be rethinking the core … Continue reading

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Enablement Mechanisms: From “Push versus Pull” To “Be Inspired!”

Providing all the content that was available to the sales force and let them search – that’s where sales enablement has its early roots. Stand-alone knowledge management and enablement platforms were invented, sold and implemented. Everything was designed to provide … Continue reading

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How Sales Professionals Create Value for Customers

In complex B2B sales, why do buyers buy? Not because a salesperson could present all the required functions and features. That was already available online and didn’t create additional value. No, buyers buy because they learned along their journey how … Continue reading

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Processes, Methodologies and Skills – How They Fit Together

Imagine you are traveling from London via Edinburgh to the famous Isle of Skye. You know where to start (London), and you know where you want to go (Isle of Skye). The map you are looking at offers various options … Continue reading

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