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  1. Thanks so much for joining my track session “Bridging the gap in strategic accounts – designing a cost-effective tiered coverage model”.

    Thanks so much for being such an engaged, inspiring, highly experienced and thought provoking audience!

    I really enjoyed to present our current journey, experiences and lessons learned and to discuss the typical challenges you had and we had.

    How can we summarize our session?

    - Account tiering based on ONE design point which is committed by both finance and sales is a real challenge for many organizations – it was not only ours.

    - Account tiering based on as-is, financial criteria AND on criteria about their future potential in terms of relationships and product and portfolio capabilities provides transparency and focus, focus and focus.

    - Integrating the account’s external revenue and average % spending per industry and category support the achieved even more – 80/20 rule, ready to use!

    - Implementing a legal account definition is often overlooked, sounds simple, too simple for many and unnecessary for others. “Why should we do this exercise?”
    We experienced, that mapping accounts to a legal account view makes a differences, a real difference. First of all you will have less accounts than before, you will be able to merge existing teams according to the legal account view → making the current state less complicated, always great. AND you will be more successful like this, because:
    Looking at accounts in a way how they organize themselves is one basic prerequisite for cross-selling within strategic accounts. If we don’t consider all business units and their budget centers, how should we be aware of cross-relevant initiatives in other business units? Don’t we all have stories about lost deals because we thought months over months, we were talking to the right decision maker in just this business unit we have already business with?
    You get, what I mean…

    - Creating ONE story including strategic account planning tp keep the focus is mission critical to get buy-in from operations management and sales management

    - Using the opportunity to implement MODEL MAP MATCH as a core principle to reinforce customer-centricity at this point makes a lot of sense for many reasons:
    First, it’s tangible value for account teams, once they experienced the value. Experiencing the value happens when they can connect the dots between the legal account view, the external budget data and the role reference model which is linked to the legal account definition to derive new business ideas with MODEL MAP MATCH

    - Building pilots and then an ongoing coaching program to establish the change is key to success to drive and to establish change.

    - Collaborating is the underlying core principle of sales enablement success to drive change: It’s collaborating along the cross-functional sales enablement team, with sales managers, with operations managers, with account teams and with many others.

    Last but not least:
    - Life is for sharing – let’s build our sales enablement tribe!

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