“Breaking Down Challenges And Driving Change One Step At A Time” – Forrester SE Forum March 4-5, Scottsdale

That’s the title of my key note!
I hope to see you next week in Scottsdale: Forrester Sales Enablement Forum,
March 04 – March 05.

This year’s conference theme is called „Accelerating Revenue In A Changed Economy“.
I love that “sales enablement“, “change“ as well as “changed economy“ seem to be the context. Beyond that, I believe that it’s not only about a “changed economy“, it’s more about a “changing economy“, a fundamentally changing world. We are currently in the beginning to understand what the information age actually means regarding the challenges of the 21st century, regarding the shift from a tangible economy to an intangible economy.

This shift is for instance how to evolve organizations from centralized push principles to decentralized pull principles, from competitive to collaborative principles, from information to  knowledge (“know-how“), from market-share to mind-share thinking, from managing people to enabling people – connected learning as the core of the intangible economy, as the core of a social business.

Of course, these topics affect much more than a selling system. But I truly believe, that we are all well advised to have the big shift and a vision in mind when we are discussing “Accelerating Revenue In A Changed Economy“.
Because a selling system, a value communicating system, is the heart of an organization. Especially in an intangible economy, where value creation and co-creation is based on human capital.

Back to my key note „Breaking Down Challenges And Driving Change One Step At A Time“:

What are we going to do? First, I will share a few thoughts on „unlearning sales enablement as you might know it“ and why the people dimension has a special relevance when we are discussing social selling systems.
Then, I will share different stages along our sales enablement journey. How we started, which challenges and questions we had in the beginning, and how these questions and view points changed over time – from optimizing sales portals and content management to designing sales models and strategic frameworks for a future social selling system.
We will discuss particularly the organizational drags and the comfort zone drags we experienced at different stages along our journey. Discussing these drags with peers, this is what every sales enablement professional seems to experience, in different colors and in different shapes. Those drags can be categorized, but they are always specific, based on an organization’s specific culture.
There are no “one size fits all approaches to overcome them.

Often, it feels like an innovator’s dilemma…
That’s when an organization needs a linchpin, leading with insights, passion, bravery and curiosity – fearlessly.

I will also share what we are doing about it: Why we consider especially the sales manager’s perspective and how we are currently connecting the dots within our GoToCustomer approach to a flexible people-oriented framework. Let’s see, how such a framework could look like!
Let’s see how it can equip people to create and to co-create value in an effective way and how it will equip sales managers to fight the comfort zone drags and the organizational drags – to increase the overall value creation, working backwards from the customers.

See you in Scottsdale!

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