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Is the glass of water half full or is it half empty? Well, it depends on your individual perspective how to look at it. In my opinion the glass is always full, it just depends on the amount of water and air in the glass. But that wasn’t the question, was it? Exactly, but I wanted to add a new perspective how to look at the glass – by considering an element that wasn’t the main focus so far.

It’s the same with the evolution of sales. There are many different aspects to be considered, the changed economy, a complex and dynamic world, the big shift, the changed buyer, information overflow for all of us, technology, technology and even more technology. Technology is definitely the main driver for all these changes and there are more to come.

Decades ago, technology wasn’t considered as a key element in sales, apart from the phone and the car. That has changed radically and it will change how we sell even faster. Technology is the air in the glass in sales – it’s now an essential element to survive in sales. But it has to be used wisely, it changes our foundation how to create new business, how to engage with customers and prospects more effectively and much quicker as proceed along their customer journey. But technology doesn’t replace selling skills – instead, it’s adding new skills that have to be mastered and integrated. For some people this evolution still sounds like a threat. But it doesn’t have to be like this, because:

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”

Changes are actually great opportunities to achieve better results, to create more value for customers and to grow personally. The question is always, how to look at such a change – and that’s your decision. Here is your survival guide:

Evolution of Sales: The Survival Guide is a fascinating eBook with seven different articles that look from different perspectives at the evolution in sales. Learn more about the new era of the cold call (Jonathan Farrington), the survival of the fittest (LinkedIn), how our “old brain” works and what you need to know about it (Colleen Stanley) and the social content kingdom, which is my contribution to this eBook – you may remember the content is king and context is queen analogy I’m often using. Furthermore, enjoy a compelling infographic on the evolution of sales by the numbers, learn more about the video evolution with BrainShark and the virtual fire pit with HubSpot.

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