What An Amazing 2015 – Let’s Welcome 2016!

2015-12-29 13.52.15The year 2015 is almost history.
It’s time to reflect, review and honor the current year.
And it’s time to look ahead, and to define the focus areas in 2016.

Taking research on enablement to the next level

2015 was a challenging, inspiring, and successful year for me. My focus was to build on the research and content foundation I created the year before. Building on this foundation allowed us to conduct our first global sales enablement study, to analyze the data, and to create our first sales enablement trends report. The data we got are amazing, challenging and thought-provoking at the same time. With data, it’s no longer about having an opinion. With data, we could debunk myths, identify trends, analyze core challenges, and provide models and frameworks how to tackle these issues – that’s exactly what I love about my work! Stay tuned, you will hear more about the results and deeper analysis in early 2016.

Lots of recognitions!

2015 was a year with lots of recognitions of my work. In November, I was surprised, happy and grateful to win the Best Sales Blogger Award 2015, initiated and conducted by Il Commerciale. But that wasn’t the only one. When the 2015 Top Sales Awards were announced in December, I couldn’t believe my eyes: winner of the Thought Leader category and winner of the Best Blog Post category. And our CSO Insights blog won a bronze medal in the company blog category. And there was more to be speechless: Together with our customer Showpad, we have won a gold medal for the 2015 sales enablement trends report. More than anybody could ever ask for. Woohoo!

Thank YOU!

I’m very happy and deeply grateful for these recognitions, as they underline the constant focus, dedication, and passion, I’m putting in my work. These awards also show that my sometimes thought-provoking thoughts, ideas, and system-based approaches are respected in the industry. Even more important, these recognitions set the bar for 2016: creating, even more, value, based on research, for our customers and partners, in every interaction. Digging deeper in specific enablement and sales management areas where we have identified the biggest need for clarity or an increasing need for models and frameworks to master these challenges in an effective way.

  • Thank YOU, for following my work, my blog posts here and on our CSO Insights blog, where you can find the biggest part of my work.
  • Thank YOU for reading and sharing my blog posts.
  • Thank YOU for inspiring my brain and for challenging my thoughts – doing so is the key to growing for all of us. Getting better in everything we are doing, every day – that’s what we need to evolve the sales profession to a true customer value creating role!
  • Thank YOU for all your ongoing support. I wouldn’t be where I am without YOU!

My best wishes for you

I wish you a happy holiday season, and that you can make peace with whatever happened in 2015. It’s over and cannot be changed anymore. I wish you a healthy, happy, inspiring and successful 2016, whatever happiness and success may mean to you, with lots of opportunities to learn and to grow.

  • May you walk in peace towards your visions
  • May you walk in gratitude
  • May you walk in balance and beauty
  • May you walk with lots of creative energies and a clear focus in the New Year 2016!


Doing something for those who need our voice and our help: the animals

As last year, I would like to draw your attention to a great cause. Those of you who know me in person, also know that I not only care about sales and high performance but also about animals, their rights, and well-being. In case you are looking for a great purpose for your year-end donations, here is my suggestion to cover both areas – high performance in marathon running and rescued animals: Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, led by Fiona Oakes. I’m supporting the sanctuary and Fiona’s work for a couple of years now, and I’m also supporting some of the promotional work that is crucial to keep the sanctuary going.

Fiona Oakes is the fastest woman to ever run a marathon on every continent. She holds 3 marathon world records and 4 marathon course records. She is the fastest woman to run a marathon on each continent plus the North Pole. Furthermore, Fiona completed 6 marathons on 6 continents in 6 days in 2015.

2015-06-19 11.03.54Fiona’s cause? It’s her Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, where she takes care of almost 400 previously unwanted and rescued animals, only with the help of her partner Martin Morgan. There are different ways to help:

Christmas Feed Delivery: with just a few pounds, you can buy a bale of hay, some carrots, straw, or other food for the rescues.

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary: here you can find all different sorts of donations: animal adoptions, calendars, monthly donations, and many more things.

As in sales, so it is here for the animals: every action counts. Every dollar, pound or euro counts!
The donations are entirely used to cover the feed costs.

The animals, as Mr. Geoffrey, say Thank YOU!

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